The Company

Founded in 1997, the GBO S.A. company is centered on consulting and IT services, and also ensures the implementation and the management of computing structures.
It offers custom-made solutions to companies which want to optimize their use of information and communication technologies (ICTS).
GBO S.A. is particularly experimented in the banking, watch-making, institutional and real estate fields.
Pursuing its in-training policy for each member of its staff, GBO S.A. combines and offers high-level skills.

IT Consultancy

Our Services


  • Website’s and online security audit
  • Establishment of business resumption plan
  • Back-up websites
  • Suppliers management (contracts, subscriptions, licenses, guarantees, etc.)
  • Seeking suppliers (features, accounting, cost)
  • Temporary or permanent staff reduction


At GBO, the contact, dialog, human being and project are in the center of our activity.

From the preliminary audit which defines a set of recommendations to the operational and useful measures, GBO offers a coherent vision with an imperative of minimum impact on the progress of the company’s activities.

  • Adaptation to the company’s evolution
  • Project management
  • Preparation of internal procedures and creation of intranets
  • Supervision of the operation on a day-to-day basis

GBO provides the control of the quality, headlines and costs.


Nowadays, cybercrime is at the hearth of the concerns.

It grows in parallel with the development of the new technologies.

Infringements on the data system, unauthorized personal data processing, (as the illicit transfer of personal information), breaches of bank transfers, unauthorized or undeclared encryptions or still interceptions, constitute a not exhaustive list of the attack which threaten companies.


  • Risks assessment
  • Business resumption plan
  • External suppliers (Cloud)
  • Remote use and homeworking: Strategy of authorization and securing any remote access
  • Elaboration and implementation of Antivirus, firewall, data encryption.
  • Data Back-up
  • Creation of the information system’s functional plan
  • Secure messaging

Service Desk

  • Reception and resolution of any breakdown
  • Remote access and assistance (see “Support” on this website for the executive)
  • Remote maintenance
  • On-site interventions if necessary
  • Documented history of any problems as well as their solutions (ticketing)
  • Use of databases to address any identified problem
  • Application of strategic and safety procedures during staff modifications


In such a context of profusion of technological advances, softwares change unceasingly and the work/IT tool link is stronger than ever. Nowadays, keeping up to date is not only a challenge but also mandatory for any company.

GBO SA helps handling this evolution by offering a first-class help-desk which take care of troubleshooting, monitoring and eradicating any technical failure, whilst providing you useful feedbacks.

Our Benefits


GBO’s reliable telephone support is ensured from 8.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.
Outside theses hours, do not hesitate to leave us a voicemail or to send us an e-mail.
Phone number: +41 (22) 552 59 50

In order to provide you the best possible services, please do not forget to mention:

  1. Your name and surname, as well as your company’s
  2. The reason for your call
  3. The computer’s number (if possible)
  4. Your direct phone number


For a direct link to your work station, please download the program

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For a direct link to your work station, please download the program

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Chemin des Tulipiers, 15
CH-1208 Genève
Tel :+41 (22) 552 59 50

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